Gum Constouring & Teeth Reshaping

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Gum contouring involves the removal of any excess gum tissue covering a tooth or teeth. Excess gum tissue or black gums can be due to a variety of medical and dental conditions and can even be caused by some commonly prescribed medications. This can make your teeth seem smaller and cause a “gummy smile”.
The gums are first numbed using local anaesthetic.
Then layers of the excess gum tissue are removed using either a laser or a scalpel, the gums will be sculpted to better suit the shape of your teeth and produce a more natural looking smile.

After the treatment you may have some sensitivity around the gums.

Life Benefits:

  • A more natural looking smile with less gum showing.

  • More confidence to show off your pearly whites.

Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening involves increasing the length/height of the tooth which is exposed above the gum line. This will allow for that tooth to be restored with a filling or a crown more appropriately.
The area will be numbed using local anaesthetic, and the gum in the area close to the tooth will be reflected and the bone underneath will be checked to see if it can support the lengthening.
The bone near the area may need to be also reshaped to support the tooth.
If the gum tissue is thicker than normal then it may be reduced to increase the height of the crown.
Finally the gym flap will be reset and secured with stitches.

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After the procedure the tooth will be much higher above the gum line than previously.

Life Benefits:

  • This procedure may allow the tooth to be filled properly or have a crown placed onto it.

  • This can allow for you to save the tooth instead of having it removed or having the treatment fail because there is not enough crown height.

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