How we are keeping you safe.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone on this planet in an immense way, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially we are in very unprecedented times.

We at Bridge Dental strive to provide the highest levels of dentistry to everyone, part of this duty of care is to make sure we are safe in everything that we do.

We have to operate based on stringent NHS Guidelines which are always adapting based on the best available evidence from the government. We have gone above and beyond these guidelines to provide the safest most effective care we can.

  • During these times we are limiting the amount of patients inside the building at any one time so that you will not be exposed to others for long periods of time.
  • All of our staff are utilising the highest levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) not only for their safety but also for yours.
  • After each visit the dentist and nurse will discard the used PPE and replace it with new PPE for every person that walks in.
  • We are allowing sufficient time between patients to allow any aerosols generated to be cleaned and disinfected.
  • We are using fogging machines to disinfect the rooms as well as thoroughly disinfecting them between every patient.
  • We are using air purifying equipment to remove viruses and bacteria from the air.
  • All of our staff are being checked daily for any signs or symptoms of illness to make sure they can self isolate if needed.
  • We are creating allotted times for those who are in the vulnerable and high risk categories so that they can still have the dental care that they need.

By doing all of this we can provide you with the safest care possible!

Please also see this video showing what will happen with dental visits during the COVID pandemic.

We will adapt this where necessary to see more patients at any given time should we be advised to by the NHS.

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